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दानको चाड पञ्चदान | Panchadaan

 सितु सैंजू तस्बिर : प्रशान्त श्रेष्ठ दानको शाब्दिक अर्थ हो – दिने कार्य । जुन सुकै धर्ममा पनि सुपात्रलाई दान दिनुु परम कर्तब्य मानिएको छ । हिन्दु र बौद्घधर्ममा दानको निकै महत्व छ । आधुनिक परिपेक्षमा भन्नु पर्दा दान भनेको कोहि जरुरत ब्यक्तिलाई सहायता स्वरुप केहि दिनु भन्ने बुझिन्छ । दान भनेको कुनै बस्तुमा [...]

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Yomari Punhi

Yomari Puni is one of the main festival celebrated in Panauti. Yomari Puni- meaning full moon of Yomari, one of the popular newar festivals observed every year during the full moon of December (Thilla Puni). A Yomari is a confection of rice flour (from new harvest) dough shaped like fig and filled with chaaku (brown [...]

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Swosthani Barta Katha

Every Nepalese household believing in Lord Swosthani recites the story of Swosthani every year during the month called Magha. After the evening meal all family members and some neighbors who have no Swosthani readers gather together and sit to listen the story every night for the whole month.

Image of lord Ganesh made with different grains at Dumangal Tole, Panauti. Every tole ganesh is decorated on this evening. Read more

Sakimana Punhi

One of the popularly celebrated festivities of Panauti that has remained evergreen is the Sakimana Punhi festival. It is, at best, the festival of grains like corn, soyabeans and boiled sweet potatos designed and decorated with the fruits and other sweets. Setting of grains and fruits forms the border lines like to the frame of [...]